Product Lifecycle Documentation

Zimbra Support’s Life Cycle Policies specify software support timelines to assist customers with long-term change-management decisions and release strategies.

Lifecycle Policy

Zimbra offers phased support from the general availability of a new Major Release. Please keep current with product updates to ensure no interruptions in your support services. (Visit the Downloads page for all product updates.)

  • General Support will be provided for three years from general availability of a Major Release. Support includes bug and security fixes and technical support services.
  • Technical Guidance means the Support Services provided for an additional period following General Support, as set forth in Zimbra’s Support Services Program. Zimbra Support Services will continue to be available for products within the Technical Guidance period; however, there will be no new releases, bug fixes or security patches for products within Technical Guidance. This phase is for usage by customers operating in stable environments with systems that are operating under reasonably stable loads, and this period should be utilized by customers to plan and complete upgrades to a current product version that is available within General Support.


General Support Technical Guidance
Security Fixes
Critical Bug Fixes
Non-Critical Bug Fixes *
Technical Support
Support Portal + Self-Help (Forums, Bugzilla, Wiki)

* Based on Zimbra’s’ discretion and customer input within the first two years of General Support.

End of Support Matrix

These charts detail support for Major releases. For additional questions, refer to the FAQ.


Zimbra Collaboration Server General Availability End of General Support End of Technical Guidance
Version 8.7 2016 9/10/2019 9/10/2020 *
Version 8.0-8.6 9/10/2012 9/10/2016 9/10/2017
Version 7.x 2/8/2011 3/31/2014 3/31/2015
Version 6.x 9/2/2009 9/30/2012 9/30/2013
Version 5.x 12/31/2007 03/31/2011 03/31/2012
Zimbra Collaboration Appliance (“ZCA”) General Availability End of General Support End of Technical Guidance
Version 8.x 09/10/2012 12/12/2013 12/12/2014
Version 6.x 07/27/2010 07/27/2013 07/27/2014

* This is under assumption that version 8.7 is released before September 2016.


When does Zimbra’s Support Life Cycle begin?

Zimbra’s Support Life Cycle begins on the general availability date of the Major Release of the product.

What is the expected compatibility between the server and client components of Zimbra?

Zimbra’s compatibility requirements are to support compatibility across 2 major versions of server and client. However it should be noted that features in newer releases will not be supported with older versions. The intent is to maintain the basic functionality of the oldest version without breaking compatibility. Example, Zimbra Connector for Microsoft Outlook 6.x will work with Zimbra Collaboration Suite server 7.x.