Managing Your Account: Using Folders

What are system folders?

How do I create a folder?

How do I rename a folder?

How do I delete a folder?

What are system folders?

There are five system folders. System folders are always displayed at the top of your folder list, followed by any folders you create. You cannot move, rename, or delete system folders.

The five system folders are:

•  Inbox: New email arrives in the Inbox. Your Inbox is displayed by default after you log in.

•  Sent: A copy of each message you send is saved in the Sent folder.

•  Drafts: Messages you have composed but have not sent can be saved in the Drafts folder. Messages are automatically saved to the Drafts folder as you compose. If you navigate away from an unsent message, you will be asked if you want to save the message as a draft.

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•  Junk: Most filtering of unsolicited automated email (also known as spam or junk mail) is handled by a spam filter before those email messages reach your Inbox. Email that might possibly be junk mail, but isn't certain to be junk, may be placed in your Junk folder.

You can review these messages and either move them or delete them. If you don't delete them, they will be purged after a period of time, as specified by your administrator.

•  Trash: Deleted items are placed in the Trash folder and remain there until you manually empty the trash or until the folder is purged automatically. Email is purged from this folder after a specified period of time, as specified by your administrator.

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How do I create a folder?

You can create custom folders to organize your email messages. Custom folders can be created inside other folders, including system folders.

You cannot create two folders with the same name within the same parent folder. For example, you cannot have two folders named Shopping inside your Inbox folder, but you could have one folder named Shopping inside your Inbox folder, and another one with the same name inside the Sent folder.


To create a new folder, either:

•  Click at the top of the Overview pane.

•  Right-click in the Overview pane in the folders list, and select New Folder.

Using either method, a Create New Folder dialog appears.


1. Type the folder name into the Name field.

2. Select where to place the new folder. Either:

•  Click Folders to have the new folder displayed at the top of the list.

•  Click an existing folder to place your new folder within that folder.

3. Click .



How do I rename a folder?

To rename a user-defined folder:

1. Right-click on the folder, and choose Rename Folder.


A Rename Folder dialog appears.


2. Type the new name for the folder into the New name field.

3. Click .


Folder names can have any character except:

•  : (colon)

•  / (forward slash)

•  " (double quotes)



How do I delete a folder?

When you delete a folder, its contents are moved to the Trash folder. You can recover contents from the Trash by dragging and dropping them to another folder.

If you want to save some of the messages in a folder before you delete the folder, move the messages to another folder.

To delete a user-defined folder, either:

•  Drag the folder to the Trash. In this example, the Zach's Forum Posts folder is being dragged to the Trash.


•  Right-click the folder, and choose Delete.