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What are tags?

How do I create a tag?

How do I mark email messages with tags?

What are flags?

How do I mark email messages with flags?

What are tags?

Tags are your personal classification system for email messages, contacts, tasks, and appointments. Using tags is an aid for finding items. For example, you might have one tag for Personal and another for Work.

Some of the advantages of tags include:

•  You can sort email using tags.

•  You can search for a tag and all messages with that tag will be displayed, no matter what folder they are in.

•  You can create as many tags as you want.

You can apply multiple tags to the same email message and contacts.



How do I create a tag?

To create a tag from the Overview pane:

1. Right-click Tags in the Overview pane, and select New Tag.


The Create New Tag dialog is displayed.


2. Type a name for the tag in the Tag name field, and choose a tag color from the drop-down menu.


3. Click .

The new tag is listed under Tags in the Overview pane and can be applied to any email messages or contacts.


Note: You can also create & assign tags on the fly using the right-click button while viewing messages, contacts, or meetings.


How do I mark email messages with tags?

To tag an email message, contact, task, or appointment using drag and drop:

  • Drag and drop the tag from the left-hand Overview pane onto the item on the Content pane. In the example below, the email from Zach Zimbra is being tagged with Demo Tag.


To tag an email message using menus:

1. Right-click the email message in the Content pane.

2. Choose Tag Message.

3. Choose the tag name from the list that appears. Only tags not already applied to the selected item are listed.


You can assign multiple tags to a message. If a message has multiple tags, they are layered and multi-colored.



What are flags?

Flags are yes/no indicators that you can add to email messages. Flags can be used to indicate an action-needed item or to distinguish the message or conversation from other items of lesser importance.



How do I mark email messages with flags?

To mark an email message with a flag:

1. Place your cursor over the flag column for the message or conversation. The flag icon appears in a shadowed form.


2. Click once directly over the flag icon. The flag icon appears in its active form.


To remove the flag:

1. Click on an active flag. The flag icon disappears.