Calendar: Using the Calendar

What is the calendar?

What is free/busy reporting?

How do I create a calendar?

Can I have more than one calendar?

What is the calendar?

Using the calendar, you can:

•  Track and schedule appointments, meetings, and events

•  View your calendars using various views, including Day, 5-Day Work Week, 7-Day Week, and Month

•  Create different calendars

•  Add color to your calendars to visually distinguish different types of appointments

•  View multiple calendars to see potential scheduling conflicts

•  Import and export calendars

•  Print your calendars


What is free/busy reporting?

Free/busy reporting shows the your availability when scheduling appointments and meetings. If you have access to other users' calendars, you can also see their availability with free/busy reporting.

In the graphic below, the dark red areas indicate time when Sam Sample and Donna Brown are already busy due to other scheduled meetings or appointments.


How do I create a calendar?

To create a calendar:

1. Click the Calendar tab.

2. Either:

•  Right-click Calendars in the Overview pane and select New Calendar.


•  Right-click on the toolbar and select New Calendar.

The Create New Calendar dialog appears.


3. Type the name of the calendar into the Name field.

4. Select a color for displaying the Calendar's activities using the Color menu.

5. Select the other options if necessary:

•  Exclude this calendar when reporting free/busy times. The appointments on this calendar will not be displayed when you view free/busy times.

•  Synchronize appointments from remote calendar. When you select this option, a URL field appears. Enter a valid iCal file URL for the remote calendar.

6. Click OK. The new calendar displays in the Calendar list.


Can I have more than one calendar?

One calendar is created for you, and you can create additional calendars to keep track of different type of functions. For example, you can create one calendar for work, one for personal appointments, and one for company activities. Use the Schedule view the see your calendars side-by-side.

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