Calendar: Managing Calendars

How do I print a calendar?

How do I delete a calendar?


How do I print a calendar?

You can print individual calendars in any calendar view.

If you view more than one calendar and then print that view:

•  All schedules are combined on one calendar.

•  The printed calendar does not specify the calendar's name.

To print a calendar:

1. Display any calendar view.

2. Click on the toolbar. Your printer dialog appears, and the Calendar view to be printed displays. The example below is a Day view.


3. Click OK in your printer dialog.

4. Close the Calendar Print view.


How do I delete a calendar?

You can delete any calendar in your Calendar list except your default calendar.

To delete a calendar:

1. Right-click on the calendar to be deleted.

2. Click Delete.


The Confirmation dialog appears.


3. Click Yes.

The calendar is immediately deleted. There is no undo. However, the meetings that were created from this calendar are not automatically deleted from invited attendee's calendars.