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Zimbra Web Client User GuideAdvanced Web Client
Legal Notices
Getting Started with the Zimbra Web Client
Advanced and Standard ZWC
Zimbra Web Client Components
Browser Compatibility
Logging In
Changing your password
Forget your password?
If Your Session Expires
Navigating the Zimbra Web Client
Three Pane View
User Interface Features and Shortcuts
Zimbra Assistant
ZWC Keyboard Shortcut Keys
Receiving and Managing Email
Customizing Your Initial Email Page
Getting Your Email
Email Views
Parts of the Content Page View
How Do Conversations Work?
Reading Email
The Reading Pane
Displaying HTML in Email Messages
Parts of an Email message
Viewing an Attachment
Marking an Email as Unread
Virus Safety
Printing an Email Message
Organizing Email Messages Using Folders
Mail System Folders Overview
Sharing Your Mail Folders
Moving Email Messages
Sorting Messages in the Content Pane
Deleting a Message: The Trash Folder
Purging an Email Message from the Trash Folder
Managing Junk Email and Spam: The Junk Folder
Composing and Sending Email
Composing a New Email Message
Using HTML Editor
Using Spell Check
Adding an Attachment
Attachment File Types Supported
Requesting a Return Receipt
Automatic Address Completion
Using Autocomplete
Saving Your Work
Replying to an Email Message
Forwarding an Email Message
Optional Email Features
Email Signatures
Undeliverable Email
Setting a Forwarding Address
Using Tags and Folders to Organize Your Mailbox
Working with Tags
Creating Tags
Assigning a Tag to Messages and Other Items
Deleting a Tag
Flagging an Email Message
Using Folders: General Techniques
Creating a Custom Folder
Renaming a Folder
Deleting a Folder
Create Filters to Automate Email Handling
Filter Conditions and Actions
Filter Conditions
Using Any and All
When Filters are Used
Filter Order
Creating a Filter
Creating a Filter from the Mail Filters folder
Creating a Filter from an Email Message
Editing a Filter
Run a Filter Over Existing Content
Filter Conditions and Actions Supported
Multiple Actions
Filter Wildcards
Asterisk (*)
Question Mark (?)
Slash (\)
Customizing Your Email Features
Setting a New Email Notification
Creating an Away Message
Managing Your Account Identities
Creating a Persona
Retrieving Email from an External Account
Information You Need
Receiving Messages from Your External Account
Adding an External Account
Subscribe to an RSS
Mailbox Quotas
Changing Your Default Time Zone
Managing Your Address Books
Viewing Contacts in Your Address Book
Adding a New Contact
Adding Names to Email from an Address Book
Adding Contacts Automatically
Creating a Group Contact List
Forwarding Contact Information
Importing an Address Book
Exporting an Address Book
Printing a Contact Name or Address Book
Editing Contact Information
Deleting Contacts
Sharing Your Address Books
Managing Your Calendar
Calendar View
Creating a Calendar
Customizing Your Calendars
Adding Color to a Calendar
Viewing Multple Calendars
Setting Your Calendar View
Displaying Your Free/Busy Information
Importing Your iCal Calendar
Exporting Your iCal Calendar
Printing a Calendar
Deleting a Calendar
Sharing Your Calendars
Scheduling Appointments, Meetings, and Events
Creating an Appointment or Meeting
Opening the QuickAdd Appointment Dialog
Creating a QuickAdd Appointment
Opening the Appointment Page
Creating a Meeting From the Appointment Page
Viewing Availability in the Suggestion Panel
Specify Location Options
Viewing Free/Busy Times: The Schedule Tab
Scheduling an All Day Event
Creating a Recurring Appointment
Changing an Appointment or Meeting
Deleting an Appointment or Meeting
Printing an Appointment or Meeting
Creating a Meeting Using Drag and Drop: Turning a Message or Contact into a Meeting Request
Turning a Message or Conversation into a Meeting Request
Turning a Contact into a Meeting Request
Responding to a Meeting Invitation
Changing Your Response to a Meeting Invitation
Setting Your Preferences
Saving, Canceling, and Reverting Changes to Preferences
General Page
Mail Page
Displaying Messages
Receiving Messages
Access from Other Mail Clients
Composing Messages Page
Signatures Page
Address Book Page
Accounts Page
Mail Filters
Trusted Addresses
Calendar Page
Mobile Devices
Shortcuts Tab
Using Task Lists
Creating a New Task List
Creating a New Task
Adding a Task Quickly
Creating a Detailed Task
Changing or Updating a Task
Moving a Task
Mark a task complete
Deleting a Task
Sorting Tasks
Printing Your Task List
Search for Tasks by Status
Import Task Lists
Exporting a Task List
Sharing Task Lists
Working in Briefcase
Creating Briefcase Folders
Adding Files to Your Briefcase Folders
Working with Files in Briefcase
Checking Out Files
Manage Changes with Version Control
Renaming Files
Creating Documents
Formatting with the Rich-text Editor
Viewing Files in Briefcase
Working in Briefcase
Opening files in Briefcase
Moving files
Tagging files
Sending an email with a link to a file
Sending a file as an email attachment
Sharing Your Briefcase Folders
Searching Your Account
Search Types
Search Syntax
Using Quick Search
Advanced Search Criteria
Searching for Messages with Quick Search
Searching for Messages with Advanced Search
Advanced Search Example
Using * as a Wildcard in Search
Saving a Search Query
Search Examples
Sharing Your Account Folders
Selecting Access Privileges
How Sharing Works
Sharing Your Mail Folders
Sharing Address Book Contact Lists
Sharing Calendars
Sharing Task Lists, Documents Notebooks, Briefcase Folders
Setting Up Shared Folders
Changing or Canceling Access
Accepting an Invitation to Share Items
Working within a Shared Folder
Linking to Shared Items
Managing Your Shared Items
Appendix A: Standard Zimbra Web Client
Features Available in the Standard ZWC
Navigating the Standard Zimbra Web Client
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More Action…
Navigation Functions Not Available