ZCS Migration Wizard 8.0
ZCS Migration Wizard 8.0
for IBM Lotus Domino

Using the ZCS Migration Wizard > Planning the Migration from Lotus Domino to ZCS

Planning the Migration from Lotus Domino to ZCS
Before you attempt to migrate from the Lotus Domino server, create a communication plan to notify users about the new ZCS email program and to provide users with the new mail access information (ZCS URL, login name, and password to use).
It is recommended that you plan to perform the migration during off-peak use times. The Lotus Domino server does not need to be stopped in order to migrate accounts. Any emails that are sent to or delivered from Lotus Domino after the account is migrated are not saved in the ZCS mailbox.
If Running Zimbra Proxy
If you are running Zimbra Proxy, and the ZimbraPublicServiceHostName has been set to proxy, you must change the local hosts file at the Windows machine that is running the Migration Wizard to point to the mailbox node where the admin user resides.
x.x.x.x <your ZimbraPublicServiceHostName value here>
Where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the mailbox store with the admin user.
Considerations for Retaining Domain Name when Migrating
If your users use the Calendar application, and you are not migrating all users to ZCS at the same time, configure ZCS with the same domain name as used on the Lotus Domino server. When ZCS is configured with the same domain name, a user’s existing email address will be retained when the account migrates to ZCS.
Meeting requests and appointments contain recipient information in the form of email addresses. After migration, if the organizer of an appointment updates an existing appointment or if recipients reply to an invitation, the email address of the original message receives the notification. If the email address has been changed, the notification is not received.
Configuring Migration Options
If using the ZCS Migration Wizard, after the accounts are created on the ZCS server the email messages, calendar entries, and contact information are imported. You then configure the following options for accounts being imported during the migration process:
Import the content of Junk Mail? (yes or no)
Should the new email address replace the Lotus Domino email address in all meetings organized by the user? <check box>
The import process contains a few assumptions regarding naming:
Imports are by a single domain. For example, you might import users from marketing.domain.com on your Lotus Domino server to marketing.zimbra.domain.com on your ZCS server.
The local part of the user’s SMTP address in Lotus Domino becomes the first portion of the email address on the ZCS server. To continue the above example, a user who has an account for joe@marketing.domain.com on Lotus Domino would become joe@marketing.zimbra.domain.com on your ZCS server.
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