ZCS Migration Wizard 8.0
ZCS Migration Wizard 8.0
for IBM Lotus Domino

Using the ZCS Migration Wizard > Planning the Migration from Lotus Domino to ZCS

Planning the Migration from Lotus Domino to ZCS
Before you attempt to migrate from the Lotus Domino server, create a communication plan to notify users about the new ZCS email program and to provide users with the new mail access information (ZCS URL, login name, and password to use).
It is recommended that you plan to perform the migration during off-peak use times. The Lotus Domino server does not need to be stopped in order to migrate accounts. Any emails that are sent to or delivered from Lotus Domino after the account is migrated are not saved in the ZCS mailbox.
The ZCS Migration Wizard asks you questions in a series of dialog boxes about how to set up the new accounts. Before you start, you should determine:
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