Migrating an Individual User Account
Migrating an Individual User Account
to ZCS 8.0 from Microsoft Exchange

Migrating an Individual Account

Migrating an Individual Account
Use the Migration Tool to migrate a Microsoft Outlook profile or account containing personal folders, or PST (.pst) files, to the Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS).
Archived PST files can also be migrated. Run the Migration Wizard for each PST file being imported, under archive PST file.
Your administrator will create an account for you on the ZCS server, and give you the migration tool application and the following information which you will need to migration your account or .pst files.
Hostname. This is the domain name of the destination Zimbra server.
Port. The port number for the server. Usually 80 is the port number for non-secure connections, and 443 is the port number for secure connections.
Username. Your ZCS account email address. The address should be entered as name@domain.com.
Password. Your ZCS account password.
As you go through the Migration Tool, you can save the data you are entering at any time and access this data later using the Load and Save feature. At the bottom of the Source, Destination, and Options dialogs are the Load and Save options. When you click Save, all of the data you have entered into the Migration Tool is saved as an XML file, which is referred to as the Configuration XML file. This allows you to stop and start a Migration process without losing your data. When you want to resume a migration, click Load to access the Configuration XML file and repopulate the Migration Tool.
Once you have the above information, and the account or .pst files that you are going to migrate, you are ready to begin. Run the migration tool for each profile or PST file being imported.
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