Migrating to ZCS 8.0
Migrating to ZCS 8.0
from Microsoft Exchange

Migrating an Individual Account > Select Migration Options

Select Migration Options
In the Options dialog box, select the user account data to migrate.
Items: Select to migrate email messages and attachments, calendar data, contact lists, task lists, rules and out of office settings.
Additional Folders: Select to migrate Sent, Deleted Items (Trash), and Junk (Spam) folders.
Filters: Select how to filter the information you are migrating.
Migrate On or After: Enter a date to migrate your account on or after the specified date. This lets you discard old messages.
Maximum message size: The message size includes the message and attachments. If you do not configure a value here, the ZCS server setting for maximum message size is used. If you set a value here, this value cannot be larger than the global MTA setting for maximum size of a message. The default maximum message size is 0 (indicating no size limit). Note that this will not override the limits imposed by the ZCS server.
Skip these folders (separate with a comma): Enter names of folders that you do not want to migrate.
Verbose Logging: This allows extra data to be logged. If a message is not migrated and this option is enabled, you can inspect the log to determine the cause of failure. Your system administrator can help you with this feature.
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