Migrating to ZCS 8.0
Migrating to ZCS 8.0
from Microsoft Exchange

Overview of Migrating to ZCS > Planning the Server Migration

Planning the Server Migration
Before you migrate from the Exchange server, select a migration strategy, prepare for migration, and create a communication plan to notify users about the ZCS email program.
Migration Strategy
Performing the ZCS migration usually follows one of the following strategies:
Quick migration: Replaces a legacy email system with ZCS in a single migration. Be sure to perform the migration during off-peak use times. You do not need to stop your existing email server in order to migrate accounts, but any email that is sent or delivered after the account is migrated is not saved to the Zimbra account. This can be avoided by taking the Exchange server offline while the quick migration takes place.
Phased Migration (Split Domain): Phased migration allows the ZCS servers to run in parallel with the legacy email system for an extended period of time. Migration is implemented in stages so that some accounts are migrated to ZCS, while other accounts continue on the existing email system. This allows for migrating reasonably sized groups at one time, testing of targeted groups and key users before the general migration occurs, and for testing of a recovery process. The migration tool includes a scheduling option that lets you schedule when the migration should take place.
The phased migration (split domain) scenario is possible if your email system offers some of the mail routing features Zimbra offers. For more information, see the wiki page about split domain at http://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Split_Domain.
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