ZCS Import Wizard for Microsoft Outlook 8.0
ZCS Import Wizard for Microsoft Outlook 8.0
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Using the Import Wizard

Using the Import Wizard
You can use VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server Import Wizard for Microsoft® Outlook® (Import Wizard) to import your Microsoft Outlook personal folders (.pst) files to the ZCS server.
The Import Wizard can import .pst files from Outlook 2000 and Outlook XP, provided that the Import Wizard is run on a machine with either Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, or Outlook 2010 installed.
If you set your computer’s regional settings to a language other than English (United States), the Import Wizard might fail. Your regional settings are located on your computer at Control Panel>Regional and Language Options.
When you import your email messages, filter rules, attachments, calendar, contact lists, tasks, and personal distribution lists to the ZCS server, your Outlook folder hierarchy is maintained. If you assigned categories to your messages and contacts, these are converted to tags in your ZCS mailbox.
Your archived .pst files can also be imported. You must run the Import Wizard for each .pst file you are importing. If you have a large number of archived or additional .pst files to import, talk to your administrator.
Your administrator will give you the following information which you will need to import your .pst files:
Hostname. The ZCS server domain name (DNS).
Port. The port number for the server. Usually 80 is the port number for non-secure connections, and 443 is the port number for secure connections.
Use Secure Connection. Check this box, only if your administrator instructs you to.
User name. Your ZCS account email address. The address should be entered as name@domain.com.
Password. Your ZCS account password.
Once you have the above information, and the .pst files that you are going to import, you are ready to begin. Use the following steps to import your .pst files with the Import Wizard.
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