ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Network Edition

Using the Import Wizard > Using the Import Wizard

Using the Import Wizard
Import Destination. Enter the information that your administrator has given you in each of the following fields. When you are finished, click Next.
Hostname. The ZCS server domain name (DNS).
Port. The port number for the server. Usually 80 is the port number for non-secure connections, and 443 is the port number for secure connections.
Use Secure Connection. Check this box, only if your administrator instructs you to.
User name. Your ZCS account email address. The address should be entered as name@domain.com.
Password. Your ZCS account password.
Import PST. Select your .pst file to import. You can click Browse to locate the file.
The main .pst file is usually in the Microsoft Outlook folder in the Local Settings/Application Data directory. To find your .pst files, open Outlook click Files>Open>Outlook Data Files. Use the Look in drop down arrow to see the file name and path for your .pst file. You can also go to File>Data File Management to see a complete list of all .pst files for the current profile and the paths of those .pst files. You can also use your computer’s Search feature to find .pst files on your computer.
Once you’ve selected the .pst file to import, click Next. If you have protected your .pst with a password, you must enter your password to continue.
Import Items. Select whether or not to import Mail, Contacts, Tasks, and Calendar Items.
Calendar Options. Choose if you want to:
Convert meetings. This converts meetings organized under your old email address to your new email address. Provide your old email address in the field provided, if you select this option.
When you are finished selecting your import items, click Next.
Import Options. Set import options for which messages to import. The import options are as follows:
Folder options. Select whether to import your Junk-Mail folder and Deleted Items folder
Progress Logs. Select whether to ignore previously imported items. If you do not check this box, you will have duplicates of any previously imported items in their ZCS account.
Date Filter. Select whether to import items received after a specific date. If you do not select to filter items by date, all items will be imported.
Import Message without Body enables messages that do not include the body of the message to be imported. If you configured your IMAP to download only the header and to ask before downloading the body, this option will import any emails that you have not downloaded the body to yet. If you do not check Import Message without Body, messages with only the header information are not imported.
Log messages on failure allows extra data to be created if the import fails. If a message is not imported and this option is enabled, the message that failed to be imported is logged on the client side. Users can inspect the message to determine if the message content was the cause of the failure.
When you are finished selecting your import options, click Next. A Begin Import Process? window will appear.
Click OK in the Begin Import Process? dialog. The Import Wizard begins importing your .pst file.
If you have Outlook running, you will be prompted to close it. During the import of your pst file, if the Import Wizard detects that some messages need addresses from Active Directory, you are prompted for information to connect to Active Directory. Enter the following information. If you do not know what to enter, ask your system administrator.
When your import is finished, a Import Completed message is displayed, showing the total errors and total warnings for your import. Click OK. The Import Completed dialog appears.
Any errors or warnings generated during the import process are displayed on the Import Complete dialog box.You should review the information on this page. If you need more information click the Open Log File button and search the log for details.
Don’t close the Import Wizard until you reviewed the log. If you close the Import Wizard while the Delete all log files box is checked, you will not be able to view the logs at a later time.
To import the .pst file again, make sure you check Ignore previously imported items on the Import Options dialog so that messages and contacts that have been imported earlier are not imported again.
To import another .pst file, click Import Another. Run the Import Wizard again to import additional .pst files. If you have a large number of .pst files to import, talk to your administrator.
You have now finished importing your .pst files to your ZCS account.
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