Zimbra Migration Wizard 7.2
Zimbra Migration Wizard 7.2
for Microsoft Exchange

Using the ZCS Migration Wizard > Mapping Exchange User IDs to ZCS User IDs

Mapping Exchange User IDs to ZCS User IDs
You can create an XML file that maps the user’s common name on the Exchange server to the user’s common name to be used on the ZCS server. When you run the migration wizard and prepare the source and destination mailboxes, you select UserMap and select the XML file to be used.
The format for the XML configuration file is a follows.
The Exchange server from where the user account information is extracted.
<ExchangeMail>. This element is user address (“mail” attribute) of the Exchange user that is being migrated.
<ZimbraAccount>. This element is the account on the ZCS server where the user mailbox would be migrated.
Example of the <User> element:
The destination ZCS domain is configured on the Destination Domain dialog. During the migration, the destination account ID is created by appending this domain name to the <ZimbraAccount> value. For example, if the destination domain name is zimbradomain.com, the above XML data would create an account ID called zimbraexample1@zimbradomain.com, and the user’s Exchange mailbox is migrated.
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