ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
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Work with Distribution Lists
A distribution list is a group of email addresses contained in a list with a common email address. When users send to a distribution list, they are sending the message to everyone whose address is included in the list. The address line displays the distribution list address; the individual recipient addresses cannot be viewed.
You can create distribution lists that require an administrator to manage the member list and you can create dynamic distribution lists that automatically manages adding and deleting members in the list. For more information about dynamic distribution lists, see Using Dynamic Distribution Lists.
You can see which distribution lists a user is a member of from the user’s account Member of page. When a Zimbra user’s email address is added to a distribution list, the user’s account Member Of page is updated with the distribution list name. When a distribution list is deleted, the distribution list name is automatically removed from the account’s Member Of page.
Setting Subscription Policies for Distribution Lists
Subscription policies can be set up to manage a distribution list’s membership. Owners of the list manage the subscription policy from the Properties page of a distribution list.
Automatically accept. Membership is open to anyone who subscribes.
Require list owner approval. To subscribe, users send an email to the owner of the distribution list and the owner replies to this email request.
Automatically reject. No one can be added to this distribution list.
Automatically accept. Anyone can remove their name from the list.
Require list owner approval To be removed from the distribution list, users send an email to the owner. The owner must accept the email request to remove the name.
Automatically reject. Users cannot remove themselves from the list.
Management Options for Owners of Distribution Lists
You can add owners to distribution lists and they manage the list from their ZWC account’s Address Book, Distribution List folder. Owners of a list can right click a distribution list and click the Edit Group link to edit a list.
Besides adding and deleting members, distribution list properties that owners can configure include:
Creating a Distribution List
In the administration console, go to Manage>Distribution Lists.
On the Members page, add the distribution list name. Do not use spaces. The other fields are optional.
Find members to add to the distribution list in the right column. Select the members to add and click Add Selected. If you want to add all addresses on the page, click Add This Page. If you want to add members that are not in the company list, in the Or enter addresses below section, type a complete mail address.
Click Next to configure the Properties page.
If you check this box, the Member URL field displays and you create a dynamic distribution list.
In the Members Of page, select distribution lists that should be direct or indirect members of the list.
Click Finish. The distribution list is enabled and the URL is created.
Enable Viewing of Distribution List Members for Active Directory Accounts
To view Active Directory distribution list members in messages or in the address book, the GAL group handler for Active Directory must be configured in the ZCS GALsync account for each Active Directory.
To update the GALsync account for each Active Directory, you must know the GALsync account name and all data sources on that GALsync account.
zmprov gd {domain} zimbraGalAccountId
The above command displays the zimbra ID of the GALsync account. To find the name:
zmprov ga {zimbraId-of-the-GAL-sync-account} | grep "# name"
zmprov gds {gal-sync-account-name-for-the-domain}
zmprov mds {gal-sync-account-name-for-the-domain} {AD-data-source-name} zimbraGalLdapGroupHandlerClass com.zimbra.cs.gal.ADGalGroupHandler
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