ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.4
Open Source Edition

Customizing Accounts > Other Configuration Settings for Accounts

Other Configuration Settings for Accounts
Enable Sharing
When the Sharing feature is enabled, users can share any of their folders, including their mail folders, calendars, address books, task lists, and Briefcase folders.
A users specifies the type of access permissions to give the grantee. A users can share with internal users who can be given complete manager access, external guests who must use a password to view the folder content, as well as public access so that anyone who has the URL can view the folder’s content.
When internal users share a mail folder, a copy of the shared folder is put in the grantee’s folder list on the Overview pane. Users can manage their shared folders from their ZWC Preferences Sharing page.
Configure SMS Notification
The ZWC Preferences>Notification page lets users configure an email address or SMS alert to their mobile device to receive a reminder message for a task or a meeting on their calendar. Notification by SMS is disabled by default.
SMS notification can be configured by domain, COS or for individual accounts. SMS notification set in a COS overrides SMS notifications set on a domain. In the administration console, this is set on the domain, COS or account’s Feature page.
Users select a region and a carrier when setting up their SMS alert. The list of SMS/email gateways is in ZmSMS.properties. You can customize this list to add SMS/email gateways that are not listed.
Display a Warning When Users Try to Navigate Away.
It is easy for users to click the Back and Forward arrows in the browser or close their browser without logging out of their account. If this preference is checked, users are asked if confirm that they want to navigate away from there account. If this preference is not checked, the question is not asked.
Enabling the Check Box for the Web Client
If Show selection checkbox for selecting email, contact, voicemail items in a list view for batch operations is enabled, when users view email messages, contacts, and tasks lists in the Content pane, a check box displays for each item. Users can select items and then perform an action such as mark as read/unread, move to a specific folder, drag and drop to a folder, delete, and tag for all those selected items.
Preferences Import/Export
The Preferences Import/Export page lets users export all of their account data, including mail, contacts, calendar, tasks, and Briefcase folders. They can export specific items in their account and save the data to their computer or other location. The account data is saved as a tar-gzipped (tgz) archive file so that it can be easily imported to restore their account. Individual contacts are saved as .csv files, and individual calendar files are saved as .ics files. The data are not removed from their accounts. The exported account data file can be viewed with an archive program such as WinRAR archiver. Any of these files can be imported into their account from the same page.
If you do not want users to the Import/Export capability, you can disable the feature from the COS or Admin Features page.
Add Words to Spell Dictionary
If ZWC users frequently uses words, abbreviations or acronyms that are marked as spelled incorrectly with the ZWC spell check, you can update the COS or domain attribute zimbraPrefSpellIgnoreWord with the words that should be ignored when spell check is run.
To configure words to ignore for a domain, type
zmprov md domainexample.com +zimbraPrefSpellIgnoreWord <word> +zimbraPrefSpellIgnoreWord <word2>
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