ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.3
ZCS Administrator's Guide 8.0.3
Open Source Edition

Zimbra Mailbox Server > Mailbox Server

Mailbox Server
Each account is configured on one mailbox server and this account is associated with a mailbox that contains email messages, attachments, calendar, contacts and collaboration files for that account. Each Zimbra mailbox server has its own standalone message store, data store, and index store for the mailboxes on that server.
Message Store
All email messages are stored in MIME format in the Message Store, including the message body and file attachments.
The message store is located on each mailbox server under /opt/zimbra/store. Each mailbox has its own directory named after its internal ZCS mailbox ID. Mailbox IDs are unique per server, not system-wide.
Messages with multiple recipients are stored as a single-copy on the message store. On UNIX systems, the mailbox directory for each user contains a hard link to the actual file.
When ZCS is installed, one index volume and one message volume are configured on each mailbox server. Each mailbox is assigned to a permanent directory on the current index volume. When a new message is delivered or created, the message is saved in the current message volume.
Data Store
The ZCS data store is a MySQL database where internal mailbox IDs are linked with user accounts. All the message metadata including tags, conversations, and pointers to where the messages are stored in the file system. The MySQL database files are in opt/zimbra/db.
Each account (mailbox) resides only on one server. Each ZCS server has its own standalone data store containing data for the mailboxes on that server.
Index Store
The index and search technology is provided through Apache Lucene. Each email message and attachment is automatically indexed when the message arrives. An index file is associated with each account. Index files are in opt/zimbra/index.
The tokenizing and indexing process is not configurable by administrators or users.
Message Tokenization
The process is as follows:
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