ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Open Source Edition

Planning for the Installation > Zimbra Mailbox Server Configuration Options

Zimbra Mailbox Server Configuration Options
These options are configured on the Zimbra Mailbox server.
The following table describes the Zimbra Mailbox server menu options.
Create Admin User - The administrator account is created during installation. This account is the first account provisioned on the Zimbra server and allows you to log on to the administration console.
Admin user to create - The user name assigned to the administrator account. Once the administrator account has been created, it is suggested that you do not rename the account as automatic ZCS notifications might not be received.
Admin Password - You must set the admin account password. The password is case sensitive and must be a minimum of six characters. The administrator name, mail address, and password are required to log in to the administration console.
Anti-virus quarantine user - A virus quarantine account is automatically created during installation. When AmivisD identifies an email message with a virus, the email is automatically sent to this mailbox. The virus quarantine mailbox is configured to delete messages older than 7 days.
Enable automated spam training - By default, the automated spam training filter is enabled and two mail accounts are created.
1 -Spam training user to receive mail notification about mail that was not marked as junk, but should be.
2 -Non-spam (HAM) training user to receive mail notification about mail that was marked as junk, but should not have been.
Global Document Account — This account is automatically created when ZCS is installed. The account holds the templates and the default Documents Notebook. The Documents feature is enabled from the COS or in individual accounts.
Web server mode - Can be HTTP, HTTPS, Mixed, Both or Redirect.
Mixed mode uses HTTPS for logging in and HTTP for normal session traffic
Both mode means that an HTTP session stays HTTP, including during the login phase, and an HTTPS session remains HTTPS throughout, including the login phase.
Redirect mode redirects any users connecting via HTTP to a HTTPS connection.
Use spell check server: yes (if installed)
Spell server URL: http://<example.com>:7780/aspell.php
Enable version update checks. ZCS automatically checks to see if a new ZCS update is available. The default is TRUE.
Enable version update notifications. This enables automatic notification when updates are available when this is set to True.
Version update notification email. This is the email address of the account to be notified when updates are available. The default is to send the notification to the admin’s account.
Version update source email. This is the email address of the account that sends the email notification. The default is the admin’s account.
Note: The software update information can be viewed from the Administration Console Tools Overview pane.
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