ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Open Source Edition

Multiple-Server Installation > Starting the Installation Process

Starting the Installation Process
For the latest Zimbra software downloads, go to www.zimbra.com. Save the VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server tar file to the computer from which you are installing the software.
Step 1 through step 4 are performed for each server to be installed.
Log in as root to the Zimbra server and cd to the directory where the VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server archive file is saved (cd /var/<tmp>). Type the following commands.
tar xzvf [zcs.tgz] to unpack the file
cd [zcs filename] to change to the correct directory. The file name includes the release and build date.
./install.sh to begin the installation.
As the installation proceeds, press Enter to accept the defaults that are shown in brackets [ ] or enter the appropriate answer for your configuration.
The screen shots are examples of the Zimbra installation script.
[root@mailhost tmp]# tar xzvf zcs.tgz
[root@mailhost tmp]# cd zcs-NETWORK-8.0.0_GA_3107.UBUNTU10_64.20101015012627
[root@mailhost tmp/zcs-NETWORK-8.0.0_GA_3107.UBUNTU10_64.20101015012627# ./install.sh
Screen shots in this guide are examples of the Zimbra installation script. The actual script may be different.
The installation process checks to see if Sendmail, Postfix, and MySQL software are running. If any application is running, you are asked to disable it. The default is Yes to disable the applications. Disabling MySQL is optional, but highly recommended. Sendmail and Postfix must be disabled for the VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server to start correctly.
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