ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Open Source Edition

Configuring Multi-Master Replication > Setting Up a Secondary Master LDAP Server

Setting Up a Secondary Master LDAP Server
Follow steps 1 through 4 in Starting the Installation Process to open a SSH session to the LDAP server, log on to the server as root, and unpack the Zimbra software.
Type Y and press Enter to install the zimbra-ldap package.
Type Y, and press Enter to modify the system. The selected packages are installed.
The Main menu shows the default entries for the LDAP server.
Type 1 to display the Common Configuration submenus.
Type 2 to change the Ldap Master host name to the name of the primary master name host (example, master1.example.com).
Type 4 to change the LDAP admin password to the Zimbra admin password of the primary master.
Type r to return to the main menu.
Type 2 to display the LDAP configuration submenu.
Type 4 to change the type to mmr.
Note that 5, LDAP Server ID, is set to 2. If this is the second master, leave it unchanged. If it the third or later master, select 5 and update the server ID.
The next four steps are to change the default passwords on this server to match the passwords on the master1 LDAP server.
Type 7 to change the LDAP replication password.
Type 8 to change the LDAP postfix password.
Type 9 to change the LDAP amavis password.
Type 10 to change the LDAP NGINX password.
Type r to return to the main menu.
Type a to apply the configuration changes. Press Enter to save the configuration data.
When Save Configuration data to a file appears, press Enter.
When The system will be modified - continue? appears, type y and press Enter.
The server is modified. Installing all the components and configuring the server can take a few minutes.
When Installation complete - press return to exit displays, press Enter. The installation is complete.
Update the ldap_master_url attribute to contain both masters, enter this new master as the first master in the list.
zmlocalconfig -e ldap_master_url="ldap://<<master2.example.com>>:389 ldap://<<master1.example.com>>:389"
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