ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Open Source Edition

Monitoring ZCS Servers > Database integrity check notification

Database integrity check notification
The MySQL database can be checked by running the zmdbintegrityreport automatically scheduled in the crontab to run on a weekly basis. A report is sent to the administrator’s mailbox.
Subject: Database Integrity check report for <zimbra_host>
Generating report can't run $cmd: $!
Database errors found.
$cmd --password=XXXXXXXX
<cmd output>
No errors found
command failed $!
Backup completion notification
When configuring the type of backups that should be run, you can set up to receive notification about the results of a backup session.
Subject: ZCS BackupReport:SUCCESS
Server: <server>
Type: incremental
Status: completed
Started: Fri, 2012/07/13 01:00:05.488 PDT
Ended: Fri, 2012/07/13 01:10:09.842 PDT
Redo log sequence range: 2 .. 2
Number of accounts: 500
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