ZCS Multi-Server Installation Guide 8.0
ZCS Multi-Server Installation Guide 8.0
Open Source Edition

Configuring LDAP Replication > Test the Replica

Test the Replica
Create several user accounts, either from the admin console or on the master LDAP server. The CLI command to create these accounts is
zmprov ca <name@domain.com> <password>
If you do not have a mailbox server setup, you can create domains instead. Use this CLI command to create a domain
zmprov cd <domain name>
To see if the accounts were correctly copied to the replica LDAP server, on the replica LDAP server, type zmprov -l gaa. Type zmprov gad to check all domains.
The accounts/domains created on the master LDAP server should display on the replica LDAP server.
In cases where the mailbox server is not setup, you can also use the following command for account creation.
zmprov ca <name@domain> <password> zimbraMailTransport <where_to_deliver>
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