ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Open Source Edition

Appendix A Command-Line Utilities > zmmailbox

The zmmailbox tool is used for mailbox management. The command can help administrators provision new mailboxes along with accounts, debug issues with a mailbox, and help with migrations.
You can invoke the zmmailbox command from within the zmprov command. You enter selectMailbox within zmprov to access the zmmailbox command connected to that specified mailbox. You can then enter zmmailbox commands until you type exit. Exit returns you to zmprov. This is useful when you want to create accounts and also pre-create some folders, tags, or saved searches at the same time.
zmmailbox [args] [cmd] [cmd-args ...]
Short Name
http[s]://{host}[:{port}] server hostname and optional port. Must use admin port with -z/-a
use zimbra admin name/password from localconfig for admin/password
--authtoken (authtoken)
--authtoken (authtoken file)
use authtoken string (has be in JSON format) from command line
mailbox to open. Can be used as both authenticated and targeted unless other options are specified.
--auth {name}
account name to authorize as. Defaults to --mailbox unless --admin-priv is used
Specific CLI tools are available for the different components of a mailbox. Usage is described in the CLI help for the following.
When you create an account, you may want to pre-create some tags and folders. You can invoke zmmailbox inside of zmprov by using “selectMailbox(sm)”
To send requests to a mailbox using the admin auth token. This is required when using the command emptyDumpster. Use --admin-priv to skip delegated auth as the target mailbox.
To authenticate as a delegated admin user. This lets one user login to another user's mailbox. The authenticating user must be a delegated admin account and must have adminLoginAs right on the target mailbox. This auth option uses a non-admin auth token. Use the --auth option to specify the authenticating account. To login as user bar and open mailbox foo:
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