ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Open Source Edition

Managing ZCS Configuration > Global Address List (GAL) Mode

Global Address List (GAL) Mode
The Global Address List (GAL) is your company-wide listing of users that is available to all users of the email system. GAL is configured on a per-domain basis. The GAL mode setting for each domain determines where the GAL lookup is performed.
The GAL Configuration Wizard in the administration console is used to configure the GAL attributes. The three GAL modes that can be configured include the following:
Internal. The Zimbra LDAP server is used for directory lookups.
External. External directory servers are used for GAL lookups. You can configure multiple external LDAP hosts for GAL. All other directory services use the Zimbra LDAP service (configuration, mail routing, etc.). When you configure the external GAL mode, you can configure GAL search and GAL sync separately.
Both. Internal and external directory servers are used for GAL lookups.
Using GAL sync accounts for faster access to GAL
A GAL sync account is created for the domain when an internal or external GAL is created, and you can create a GAL sync account for each server in the domain. Using the GAL sync account gives users faster access to auto complete names from the GAL.
When a GAL sync account is created on a server, GAL requests are directed to the server’s GAL sync account instead of the domain’s GAL sync account. If a GALsync account is not available for some reason, the traditional LDAP-based search is run.
When you configure the GAL sync account, you define the GAL datasource and the contact data is syncd from the datasource to the GAL sync accounts’ address books. If the mode Both is selected, an address book is created in the account for each LDAP data source.
The GAL polling interval for the GAL sync determines how often the GALsync account syncs with the LDAP server. The sync intervals can be in x days, hours, minutes, or seconds. The polling interval is set for each data source
When the GAL sync account syncs to the LDAP, all GAL contacts from the LDAP are added to the address book for that GAL. During the sync, the address book is updated with new contact, modified contact and deleted contact information. You should not modify the address book directly. When the LDAP syncs the GAL to the address book, changes you made directly to the address book are deleted.
You configure this from the administration console. Go to Configure>Domains and select the domain. In the gear icon menu select Configure GAL. When ZCS is configured with more than one server, you can add an additional GAL sync account for each server.
The CLI associated with this feature is zmgsautil.
Changing GAL sync account name.
The default name for the GAL sync account is galsync<randomcharacters>. When you configure the GAL mode, you can specify another name. After the GAL sync account is created, you cannot rename the account because syncing the data fails.
To change the account name delete the existing GAL sync account and configure a new GAL for the domain.
In the gear box, select Configure GAL to open the configuration wizard and change the GAL mode to internal. Do not configure any other fields. Click Finish.
Select the domain again and select Configure GAL to reconfigure the GAL. In the GAL sync account name field, enter the name for the account. Complete the GAL configuration and click Finish. The new account is displayed in the Accounts Content pane.
Configuring GAL Search for External GALs
When you configure an external GAL, you can configure different search settings and sync settings. You might want to configure different search settings if your LDAP environment is set up to optimize LDAP searching by setting up an LDAP cache server, but users also will need to be able to sync to the GAL.
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