ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Open Source Edition

Managing User Accounts > Create Dynamic Distribution Lists

Create Dynamic Distribution Lists
When ZCS is configured to use an internal LDAP server, dynamic distribution lists can be created. When an account is provisioned, the account is added to the dynamic distribution list. When the account is deleted, the account is deleted from the dynamic distribution list. A dynamic distribution list cannot include other distribution lists.
When a dynamic distribution list is created, an member URL is created that is used to identify legitimate members of the list.
Creating Dynamic Distribution Lists
Dynamic distribution lists are created in the same way as regular distribution lists but you check the Dynamic Group check box. When you save the DL, the member URL is created.
In the administration console, go to Manage>Distribution Lists.
On the Members page, add the distribution list name. The other fields are optional.
Select Dynamic Group. When this is selected Can be used in right management is displayed as enabled. The URL field is blank.
On the right, in the Add Members to this list section, either search for names from the company address book, or in the Or enter addresses below section, type a complete mail address.
Click Next to configure the other pages.
Click Save when all names have been added to the list. The distribution list is enabled and the URL is created.
When you create accounts, you add the dynamic distribution list to their Member of page.
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