ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
ZCS Administrator Guide 8.0
Open Source Edition

Appendix A Command-Line Utilities > Configure Auto-Grouped Backup from the CLI

Configure Auto-Grouped Backup from the CLI
Set the backup method in the global configuration, and you can override the configuration on a per server basis if you do not want a server to use the auto-grouped backup method.
To set up auto-grouped backup, you modify LDAP attributes using the zmprov CLI. Type the command as
zmprov mcf <ldap_attribute> <arg>
You can also set the attributes at the server level using zmprov ms.
The following LDAP attributes are modified:
zimbraBackupMode. Set it to be Auto-Grouped. The default is Standard.
zimbraBackupAutoGroupedInterval. Set this to the interval in either days or weeks that backup sessions should run for a group. The default is 1d. Backup intervals can be 1 or more days, entered as xd (1d); or 1 or more weeks, entered as xw (1w).
zimbraBackupAutoGroupedNumGroups. This the number of groups to spread mailboxes over. The default is 7 groups.
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