ZCS Administrator's Guide 7.2.3
ZCS Administrator's Guide 7.2.3
Open Source Edition

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Managing Other Functions
Zimlets are applications that enhance the user experience from the Zimbra Web Client. Some Zimlets are automatically deployed when ZCS is installed and you can add new Zimlets and manage existing Zimlets from the Zimlets Configuration page on the administration console.
To see a list of Zimlets that are deployed, click Zimlets in the Configuration Overview pane. The Content pane lists all the Zimlets and their status -enabled or disabled. You can upload and deploy new Zimlets. Zimlets are delivered as a zip file that includes all the files necessary to run the Zimlet.
You can manage the Zimlets by domain, and you can configure COSs and individual accounts to allow access to Zimlets.
See the Managing Zimlets chapter for information about Zimlets.
Admin Extensions
You can create custom modules to add to the Zimbra administration console user interface. The admin extension framework allows developers to add new views to the administration console, manage new data objects in the administration console, extend existing objects with new properties, and customize existing views.
You upload and install your modules from the administration console
Go to the Zimbra Wiki, Extending Admin UI for documentation about how to create an extended admin UI module.
Adding Words to ZCS Spell Dictionary
If ZWC users frequently uses words, abbreviations or acronyms that are marked as spelled incorrectly with the ZWC spell check, you can update the COS or domain attribute zimbraPrefSpellIgnoreWord with the words that should be ignored when spell check is run.
For example, to configure words to ignore for a domain, run
Setting System-wide Signatures
You can create system-wide mandatory signatures. The signatures are added to every message sent out. These types of signatures can be used to set up company signatures, legal notices, and company disclaimers. The following attributes are used to enable this feature:
zimbraDomainMandatoryMailSignatureText. This creates the plain text version.
zimbraDomainMandatoryMailSignatureHTML. This creates the HTML version.
The global signature is not visible when an email is composed, but displays in the recipient’s email message.
Backing Up the System
Backing up the mailbox server on a regular basis can help you quickly restore your email service if there is an unexpected crash. You should include backing up the ZCS server in your system-wide backup process. Only full backups of the ZCS data can be created.
Before backing up the ZCS data, all servers must be stopped. To stop the servers, use the CLI command, zmcontrol stop. After the backup is complete, to restart the servers, use zmcontrol start. See Appendix A, for more information about these command.
To restore the ZCS data, you must delete the existing data and then restore the backup files. The servers must be stopped before restoring the data.
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