ZCS Administrator's Guide 7.2.3
ZCS Administrator's Guide 7.2.3
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Managing Distribution Lists
A distribution list is a group of email addresses contained in a list with a common email address. When users send to a distribution list, they are sending the message to everyone whose address is included in the list. The address line displays the distribution list address; the individual recipient addresses cannot be viewed. Only administrators can create, change, or delete distribution lists.
The maximum number of members in a distribution list is 1000 recipients. The 1000 recipients include addresses in distribution lists that are nested within a distribution list. Senders do not receive an error when they send a message to a distribution list with more than 1000 members, but the message is not sent to more than 1000 recipients.
When a Zimbra user’s email address is added to a distribution list, the user’s account Member Of tab is updated with the list name. When a distribution list is deleted or the removed, the distribution list is automatically removed from the Member Of tab.
The Hide in GAL check box can be enabled to create distribution lists that do not display in the Global Address List (GAL). You can use this feature to limit the exposure of the distribution list to only those that know the address.
Manage Access to Distribution Lists
You can manage who can view members of a distribution list and who can send messages to a distribution list. The default is all users have access to all distribution lists.
If you want to limit who can access distribution list, you can grant rights to individuals users on a domain or if you want only member of a domain to access distribution lists, you can grant rights on the domain. When you grant the right on the domain, all distribution lists in the domain inherit the grant.
Or you can grant the right on individual distribution lists and configure specific users that are allowed to access the distribution list.
You can restrict access to a distribution list from the CLI zmprov grant rights (grr) command.
Manage Who Views Members of a Distribution List
The default is that all users can view members addresses in a distribution list. A distribution list address displays a + in the address bubble. Users can click on this to expand the distribution list. A list of the addresses in the distribution list is displayed. Users can select individual addresses from the expanded list
To restrict who can view addresses in distribution lists to individuals or to a domain:
For individual users, type: zmprov grr domain <domain_name> usr <user1@example.com> viewDistList
For all users in a domain, type:. zmprov grr domain <domain_name> dom <example.com> viewDistList
To grant rights on a distribution list and let specific users view the list, type: zmprov grr dl <dll_name@example.com> usr <user1@example.com>
Managing Who Sends to a Distribution List
The default is that all users can send messages to all distribution lists. You can grant rights to a distribution list or to a domain that defines who can send messages to a distribution list. When users attempt to send to a distribution list that they are not authorized to use, a message is sent stating that they are not authorized to send messages to the recipient DL.
To restrict who can send messages to a distribution list to individuals or to a domain:
Grant rights to an individual user in a domain to send messages to all distribution lists. zmprov grr domain <domain_name> usr <user1@example.com> sendToDistList
Grant rights to all users in a domain to send messages to all distribution lists. zmprov grr domain <domain_name> dom <example.com> sendToDistList
To restrict access to individual distribution lists to different users:
Specific internal users. Type as zmprov grr dl <dlname@example.com> usr <username@example.com> sendToDistList
Only to members of the distribution list zmprov grr dl <dlname@example.com> grp <dlname2@example.com> sendToDistList
All users in a domain zmprov grr dl <dlname@example.com> dom <example.com> sendToDistList
All internal users zmprov grr dl <dlname@example.com> all sendToDistList
All public email addresses zmprov grr dl <dlname@example.com> pub sendToDistList
Specific external email address zmprov grr dl <dlname@example.com> gst <someone@foo.com> "" sendToDistList
In addition to granting rights, the Milter Server must be enabled from the administration console Global Settings>MTA tab.
Enable View of Distribution List Members for Active Directory Accounts
To view Active Directory distribution list members in messages or in the address book, the GAL group handler for Active Directory must be configured in the ZCS GALsync account for each Active Directory.
To update the GALsync account for each Active Directory, you must know the GALsync account name and all data sources on that GALsync account.
zmprov gd {domain} zimbraGalAccountId
The above command displays zimbraId of the GALsync account. To find the name, type
zmprov ga {zimbraId-of-the-GAL-sync-account} | grep "# name"
zmprov gds {gal-sync-account-name-for-the-domain}
zmprov mds {gal-sync-account-name-for-the-domain} {AD-data-source-name} zimbraGalLdapGroupHandlerClass com.zimbra.cs.gal.ADGalGroupHandler
Using Distribution Lists for Group Sharing
Instead of creating individual share requests, distribution lists can be created to share items with a group. Users notify the administrator that they have shared an item with the distribution list and the administrator publishes the shared item to the list. This is done in the Shares tab. When a new shared item is published, existing members of the list are automatically notified of the new share.
Everyone in the DL has the same share privileges that the grantee defines for the shared item.
When new members are added to the group distribution list, they are automatically granted the same shared privileges as other members of the group. You can set up the Share tab so that new members are automatically notified about items that are shared with them through the list.
When members are removed from the group distribution list, their share privileges are revoked.
If you create a distribution list for sharing and do not want the distribution list to receive mail, you can disable the Can receive mail checkbox.
Create Distribution List Aliases
A distribution list can have an alias. This is set up from the administration console, Distribution List Alias tab.
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