ZCS Administrator's Guide 7.2.3
ZCS Administrator's Guide 7.2.3
Open Source Edition

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Incoming Mail Routing
The MTA server receives mail via SMTP and routes each mail message to the appropriate Zimbra mailbox server using LMTP. As each mail message arrives, the Zimbra server schedules a thread to have Lucene index it.
Disk Layout
The mailbox server includes the following volumes:
Message Store. Mail message files are in opt/zimbra/store
Data Store. The MySQL database files are in opt/zimbra/db
Index Store. Index files are in opt/zimbra/index
Log files. Each component in ZCS has log files. Local logs are in /opt/zimbra/log
Message Store
The Zimbra Message Store is where all email messages reside, including the message body and any file attachments. Messages are stored in MIME format.
The Message Store is located on each Zimbra server under
/opt/zimbra/store. Each mailbox has a dedicated directory named after its internal Zimbra mailbox ID.
Single Copy Message Storage
Single copy storage allows messages with multiple recipients to be stored only once in the file system. On UNIX systems, the mailbox directory for each user contains a hard link to the actual file.
Data Store
The Zimbra Data Store is a MySQL database that contains all the metadata regarding the messages including tags, conversations, and pointers to where the messages are stored in the file system.
Each account (mailbox) resides only on one server. Each Zimbra server has its own stand alone data store containing data for the mailboxes on that server.
The Data Store contains:
Index Store
The index and search technology is provided through Apache Lucene. Each message is automatically indexed as it enters the system. Each mailbox has an index file associated with it.
The tokenizing and indexing process is not configurable by administrators or users.
Message tokenization
The process is as follows:
A Zimbra deployment consists of various third-party components with one or more Zimbra mailbox servers. Each of the components may generate its own logging output.
Selected Zimbra log messages generate SNMP traps, which you can capture using any SNMP monitoring software. See Monitoring ZCS Servers on page 197.
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