ZCS Administrator's Guide 7.2.3
ZCS Administrator's Guide 7.2.3
Open Source Edition

Managing Zimlets > Enabling, Disabling, or Making Zimlets Mandatory

Enabling, Disabling, or Making Zimlets Mandatory
You can enable or disable Zimlets, or make them mandatory. You can also use the toggle feature to enable or disable an installed Zimlet. This feature can be managed using the admin console or the CLI.
Default Zimlets
From the Class of Service>default view, select which default Zimlets you want to enable, disable, or make mandatory as described below. Default Zimlets do not require any configuration to work.
Mandatory. If you want a Zimlet to be mandatory and always enabled in users’ accounts, select mandatory. Users do not see these Zimlets on their Zimlet page.
Disabled. If you do not want a Zimlet immediately available to users in this COS, you can disable the Zimlet. Users can enable a Zimlet from their account’s Preferences>Zimlet page.
Enabled. All Zimlets that are deployed are enabled. Users can disable a Zimlet from their account’s Preferences>Zimlet page.
Toggling a Zimlet between Enabling and Disabling
You can easily switch a Zimlet status from Enabled to Disabled by using the Toggle Status button located on the Manage Zimlets toolbar.
To toggle a Zimlet status:
Click the Toggle Status button. The status is now changed for the Zimlet.
Disabling a Zimlet using the CLI
You can turn off access to a Zimlet from a COS or disable the Zimlet from the server using the CLI.
To turn off access from a COS
Type zmzimletctl acl <zimletname> <cosname> deny
To disable a Zimlet on the Zimbra server
Type zmzimletctl disable <zimletname>
To enable a disabled Zimlet, type zmzimletctl enable <zimletname>
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