ZCS Administrator's Guide 7.2.3
ZCS Administrator's Guide 7.2.3
Open Source Edition

Customizing Accounts, Setting General Preferences and Password Rules > Enable SMS Notification

Enable SMS Notification
The Preferences>Notification page lets users configure an email address or SMS alert to their mobile device to receive a reminder message for a task or a meeting on their calendar. Notification by email is enabled by default. You can enable the SMS notification from the zmprov CLI.
To enable SMS notification by COS, type
zmprov mc <default> zimbraFeatureCalendarReminderDeviceEmailEnabled TRUE
To enable SMS notification by account, type
zmprov ma <user1> zimbraFeatureCalendarReminderDeviceEmailEnabled TRUE
Users select a region and a carrier when setting up their SMS alert. The list of SMS/email gateways is in ZmSMS.properties. You can customize this list to add SMS/email gateways that are not listed.
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