ZCS Administrator's Guide 7.2.3
ZCS Administrator's Guide 7.2.3
Open Source Edition

Customizing Accounts, Setting General Preferences and Password Rules > Configuring Zimlets for Accounts

Configuring Zimlets for Accounts
Zimlets™ is a mechanism for integrating and extending the functionality of the VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server with third party information systems and content.
Zimlets that are deployed on the ZCS servers are listed in the administration console Configuration>Zimlets section. Zimlets can be deployed and un deployed from here. See Chapter 14, Managing Zimlets for how to install and deploy Zimlets.
When a Zimlet is deployed, it is immediately available to everyone in the default COS. If a Zimlet is not deployed to another COS directly, the COS displays the Zimlets but they are not enabled.
You can set access privileges to Zimlets by COS, by account, and by domain.
The Zimlet tab displays all Zimlets that are deployed and shows the status of the Zimlet:
Enabled. All Zimlets that are deployed are enabled. Users can disable a Zimlet from their account’s Preferences>Zimlet page.
Mandatory. If you want a Zimlet to always be enabled in users’ accounts, select mandatory. Users do not see these Zimlets on their Zimlet page.
Disabled. If you do not want a Zimlet immediately available to users in this COS, you can disable the Zimlet. Users can enable a Zimlet from their account’s Preferences>Zimlet page.
ZCS includes pre configured Zimlets that enhance the user experience while working in the Zimbra Web Client. These Zimlets are already deployed and enabled in the default COS. See Chapter 14, Managing Zimlets.
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