ZCS Administrator Guide 7.2.1
ZCS Administrator Guide 7.2.1
Open Source Edition

Appendix A Command-Line Utilities > zmthrdump

This command invokes a thread dump in the ZCS server process and prints the output file. It also gives the option of saving the thread dump to a file and inserts a timestamp on the logfile.
zmthrdump [-h] [-i] [-t <timeout seconds>] [-p <pid file>] [-f <file>] [-o <out-file>]
Short Name
Appends the timestamp to the LOGFILE before invoking SIGQUIT
Returns the PID to send SIGQUIT. The default value can be found in zmmailboxd_java.pid
Specifies the LOGFILE to save the thread dump output in. The default value is zmmailbox.out
Specifies the output file of the thread dump. The default value is stdout
Specifies the timeout value (in seconds) to exit if the process becomes unresponsive. The default value is 30 seconds.
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