ZCS Administrator Guide 7.2.1
ZCS Administrator Guide 7.2.1
Open Source Edition

Appendix A Command-Line Utilities > zmgsautil

The CLI command zmgsautil can be used to create or delete the GAL sync account and to force syncing of the LDAP data to the GAL sync account.
A GAL sync account is created when the GAL is configured on a domain. This account is created and the polling interval for performing a full sync is managed from the administration console.
To see attributes and settings for a GAL sync account, run zmprov gds against the account.
Creates the GAL sync account. This should be done from the administration console.
Deletes the GAL sync account and the references to the LDAP server. The account can also be deleted from the administration console.
trickleSync [-a {galsynceaccountname}|-i {account-id}] [-d {datasource-id}] [-n {datsource-name}]
The datasource ID the LDAP datasource ID. The datasource name is the name of the address book (folder) in the GAL account created to sync LDAP to.
This syncs all LDAP contact data. You can also set this from the administration console.
fullSync [-a {galsynceaccountname}|-i {account-id}] [-d {datasource-id}] [-n {datsource-name}]
This should be used to reload the entire GAL if there is change in the filter, attribute mapping or LDAP server parameters.
forceSync [-a {galsynceaccountname}|-i {account-id}] [-d {datasource-id}] [-n {datsource-name}]
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