ZCS Administrator Guide 7.2.1
ZCS Administrator Guide 7.2.1
Open Source Edition

Managing User Accounts > Using Distribution Lists for Group Sharing

Using Distribution Lists for Group Sharing
Instead of creating individual share requests, distribution lists can be created to share items with a group. Users notify the administrator that they have shared an item with the distribution list and the administrator publishes the shared item to the list. This is done in the Shares tab. When a new shared item is published, existing members of the list are automatically notified of the new share.
Everyone in the DL has the same share privileges that the grantee defines for the shared item.
When new members are added to the group distribution list, they are automatically granted the same shared privileges as other members of the group. You can set up the Share tab so that new members are automatically notified about items that are shared with them through the list.
When members are removed from the group distribution list, their share privileges are revoked.
If you create a distribution list for sharing and do not want the distribution list to receive mail, you can disable the Can receive mail checkbox.
Create Distribution List Aliases
A distribution list can have an alias. This is set up from the administration console, Distribution List Alias tab.
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