ZCS Administrator Guide 7.2.1
ZCS Administrator Guide 7.2.1
Open Source Edition

Working with Zimbra Proxy > Setting Proxy Trusted IP Addresses

Setting Proxy Trusted IP Addresses
When proxy is configured with ZCS, each proxy server’s IP address must be configured in LDAP attribute zimbraMailTrustedIP to identify the proxy addresses as trusted when uses log in through the proxy. The proxy IP address is added to the X-Forwarded-For header information. The X-Forwarded-For header is automatically added to the localconfig zimbra_http_originating_ip_header attribute. When a user logs in, this IP address and the user’s address are verified in the Zimbra mailbox log.
You set each proxy IP address in the attribute. For example, if you have two proxy servers, you would run the command as follows:
To verify that X-Forwarded-For was correctly added to the localconfig, type zmlocalconfig | grep -i http. You should see zimbra_http originating_ip_header = X-Forwarded-For.
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