ZCS Administrator Guide 7.2.1
ZCS Administrator Guide 7.2.1
Open Source Edition

Using the Administration Console > Searching from the Administration Console

Searching from the Administration Console
The Search bar offers three search options:
The Search field can be used to quickly find specific accounts, aliases, distribution lists, class of service, resources and domains.
Zimbra Search is a powerful unified search to find answers to common questions. When you click Help Search, the Zimbra wiki, forums, and documents are searched. The results are displayed in a new window with links to the information.
The Advanced search feature lets you create a complex query to search for addresses by domain or server. Individual mini-search panes let you select the criteria for the search. The Advanced Attributes pane can be configured to search for the last login time in a date range or for account that have never logged in. The Class of Service pane can be configured to search for a specific COS. Select the COS from the list. The COS ID is added to the Search field. When you click Search, accounts in the COS are listed in the Content pane.
If you do not know the complete name, you can enter a partial name. Partial names can result in a list that has the partial name string anywhere in the information. You can also use the Zimbra mailbox ID number to search for an account. To return a search from a mailbox ID, the complete ID string must be entered in the search.
The results of a search display in the Content pane and the total number of items found are displayed on the right side of the toolbar.
In the Navigation pane, the Searches section includes predefined search queries. Click on the search and the results are immediately displayed in the Content pane. You can search for inactive accounts, locked out accounts, and accounts by status.
You can save the results of your search and download it as a .csv file. The information in the .csv file includes the account name, the user ID number, the type of address, the display name and the status of the account. The COS is listed if it is not the default.
When you create a query in either Search or Advanced Search, you can save the search. Click the small disk icon after Help Search. You give the search a name and it is saved to our Search section in the Navigation pane.
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