ZCS Administrator Guide 7.2.1
ZCS Administrator Guide 7.2.1
Open Source Edition

Zimbra LDAP Service > Global Configuration

Global Configuration
When you modify global config attributes, the changes are effective immediately on the server to which the modification is done. On other mailbox servers, you must flush the cache to make the changes available or restart the server. LDAP entries for global config attributes do not expire.
The CLI, zmprov describe can be run to determine if the action requires a restart. Type zmprov desc -a <attributename>. Note the requiresRestart value in the output.
Some global config attributes are computed into internal representations only once per server restart. For efficiency reasons, changes to those attributes are not effective until after a server restart, even after the cache is flushed. Also, some global configuration settings and server settings that are inherited from global config are only read once at server startup, for example port or number of processing threads. Modifying these types of attributes requires a server restart.
To make a global config change effective on all servers do the following:
Modify the setting using zmprov mcf. For example, type zmprov mcf zimbraImapClearTextLoginEnabled.
The change is only effective on the server zimbra_zmprov_default_soap_server, port zimbra_admin-service_port.
Flush the global config cache on all other servers, zmprov flushCache must be issued on all servers, one at a time. For example:
zmprov –s server-1 flushCache config
zmprov –s server-2 flushcache config
zmprov –s server-3 flushcache config
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