ZCS Administrator Guide 7.2.1
ZCS Administrator Guide 7.2.1
Open Source Edition

Customizing Accounts, Setting General Preferences and Password Rules > Address Book

Address Book
Zimbra Address Book allows users to create multiple contact lists and add contact names automatically when mail is received or sent. By default, a Contacts list and an Emailed Contacts list are created in Address Book. Users can import contacts into their Address Book.
Important: To allow users to share their address books, calendars, and Briefcase files, enable Sharing on the Features tab.
COS/Account Tabs
Users can create their own personal contacts lists. By default, two contact lists folders are in the Address Book.
Maximum number of contacts a user can have in all address books. 0 means unlimited.
Users can modify the following Address Book preferences from their account Preferences Address Book page. The default behavior can be set from the COS or Accounts>Preferences tab.
Enable auto adding of contacts to automatically add contacts to their Emailed Contact list when they send an email to a new address.
Enable the options to include the GAL addresses and names in shared address books when using autocomplete to address a message.
Users can import other contact lists into their Address Book and can export their address books as well. The files must be .csv files. This is done from the Preferences Import/Export page.
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