ZCS Administrator Guide 7.2.1
ZCS Administrator Guide 7.2.1
Open Source Edition

Zimbra LDAP Service > Accounts, COS, Domains, and Servers

Accounts, COS, Domains, and Servers
When you modify Account, COS, Domain, and Server attributes, the change is effective immediately on the server to which the modification is done. On the other servers, the LDAP entries are automatically updated after a period of time if the attributes are cached. Use zmprov flushCache to make the changes available immediately on a server.
The default ZCS setting to update the server is 15 minutes. This setting can be changed from zmlocalconfig. To see the setting run the zmlocalconfig command, . Type as
zmlocalconfig ldap_cache_<object>_maxage.
To flush accounts, COS, domain, and server caches, type zmprov flushCache [account|cos|domain|server] [name|id]
If you do not specify a name or ID along with the type, all entries in cache for that type are flushed and the cache is reloaded.
Some server attributes are not effective until after a server restart, even after the cache is flushed. For example, settings like bind port or number of processing threads.
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