ZCS Multi-Server Install Guide 7.2
ZCS Multi-Server Install Guide 7.2
Open Source Edition

Planning for the Installation > Downloading the Zimbra Software

Downloading the Zimbra Software
For the latest Zimbra software download, go to www.zimbra.com. Save the Zimbra Collaboration Server download file to the computer from which you will install the software.
When the Zimbra Collaboration Server is installed, the following Zimbra applications are saved to the Zimbra server.
You can access these download files from your administration console Download page, and instruction guides are available from the Help Desk page or from the Zimbra Website, Documents page.
Alternatively, you can download the following applications from
http://{example.com/downloads}/index.html (with “example” being your Zimbra server name).
Zimbra Migration Wizard for Microsoft Exchange .exe file to migrate Microsoft® Exchange server email accounts to the Zimbra server.
Zimbra Migration Wizard for IBM Lotus Domino .exe file to migrate Lotus Domino server email accounts to the Zimbra server.
Zimbra Import Wizard for Microsoft Outlook .exe file to allow users to import their Outlook .pst files to the Zimbra server.
Supporting documentation can be found on the administration console Help Desk page or at www.zimbra.com.
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