ZCS Multi-Server Install Guide 7.2
ZCS Multi-Server Install Guide 7.2
Open Source Edition

Planning for the Installation > Common Configuration Options

Common Configuration Options
The packages installed in common configuration include libraries, utilities, monitoring tools, and basic configuration files under Zimbra Core. These options are configured on all servers.
The following table describes the Main menu common configuration options.
Server Configured
The host name configured in the operating system installation
The LDAP master host name. This LDAP host name is configured on every server
Password for the Zimbra admin user and is configured on every server
Secure interprocess communications
The default is YES. Secure interprocess communications requires that connections between the mail store, and other processes that use Java, use secure communications. It also specifies whether secure communications should be used between the master LDAP server and the replica LDAP servers for replication.
Select the time zone to apply to the default COS. The time zone that should be entered is the time zone that the majority of users in the COS will be located. The default time zone is PST (Pacific Time)
All servers, if installed
Installing SNMP is optional, but if installed it must be on all servers.
Enable SNMP notifications. The default is No. If you enter yes, you must enter the SNMP Trap hostname.
Enable SMTP notification — The default is No.
SMTP Source email address — If you enter yes for SMTP notification, you must enter the SMTP source email address and SMTP Destination email address — destination email address.
When the installation and configuration is complete, if this is set to Yes, the Zimbra server is automatically started.
At any time during the installation, you can save the configuration to a file.
Expand menus to see the underlying options
Quit can be used at any time to quit the installation.
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