Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.0
Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.0
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Important Notice About Single Server Installations
The Zimbra Collaboration Suite is designed to be the only application suite installed on the server. The Zimbra Collaboration Suite bundles and installs, as part of the installation process various other third party and open source software, including Apache Jetty, Postfix, OpenLDAP®, and MySQL®. The versions installed have been tested and configured to work with the Zimbra software. See the Administration Guide for a complete list of software.
The following table shows the default port settings when the Zimbra Collaboration Suite is installed.
Important: You cannot have any other web server, database, LDAP, or MTA server running, when you install the Zimbra software. If you have installed any of the applications before you install Zimbra software, disable these applications. During the ZCS install, Zimbra makes global system changes that may break applications that are on your server.