Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.0
Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.0
Multi-Server Installation Guide
Open Source Edition

Configuring LDAP Replication > Installing a Replica LDAP Server

Installing a Replica LDAP Server
The master LDAP server must be running when you install the replica server. You run the ZCS install program on the replica server to install the LDAP package.
Follow steps 1 through 4 in Starting the Installation Process to open a SSH session to the LDAP server, log on to the server as root, and unpack the Zimbra software.
Type Y and press Enter to install the zimbra-ldap package. In the screen shot below, the package to be installed is emphasized.
Type Y, and press Enter to modify the system. The selected packages are installed.
The Main menu shows the default entries for the LDAP replica server. To expand the menu type X and press Enter.
Type 1 to display the Common Configuration submenus. Type 2 to change the Ldap Master host name to the name of the Master LDAP host.
Type 3, to change the port to the same port as configured for the Master LDAP server.
Type 4 and change the password to the Master LDAP Admin user password. Type r to return to the main menu.
Type 2 to display the LDAP configuration submenu.
Type 2 and change Create Domain: to No.
Type 4 for LDAP replication password, enter the same password to match the value on the Master LDAP Admin user password for this local config variable.
All passwords must be set to match the master ldap admin user password.To determine this value on the master LDAP, run
zmlocalconfig -s ldap_replication_password
Important: If you have installed Zimbra MTA on the LDAP server, configure the Amavis and the Postfix passwords. To find these values, run
zmlocalconfig -s ldap_amavis_password
zmlocalconfig -s ldap_postfix_password
   1) Status: Enabled
   7) Ldap Nginx password:  set
When the LDAP server is configured, type a to apply the configuration changes. Press Enter to save the configuration data.
When Save Configuration data to a file appears, press Enter.
When The system will be modified - continue? appears, type y and press Enter.
The server is modified. Installing all the components and configuring the server can take a few minutes.
When Installation complete - press return to exit displays, press Enter.
The installation on the replica LDAP server is complete. The content of the master LDAP directory is copied to the replica LDAP server.