Zimbra Collaboraiton Suite 7.0
Zimbra Collaboraiton Suite 7.0
Import Wizard for Outlook Guide

Administrators Guide for Using ZCS Import Wizard for Outlook > The ZCS Import Wizard for Outlook Process

The ZCS Import Wizard for Outlook Process
The ZCS Import Wizard for Outlook asks for server information, user information, and import options. The following is a general overview of the steps.
Import Destination. Users enter information about the Zimbra server that will receive their .pst files. This is information you must provide to users, including:
Hostname. Zimbra server domain name (DNS)
Port. Which server port to use. For non secured connections, the default is 80. For secured connection, the default is 443. Your configuration can be different.
Whether to check Use Secure Connection (SSL). This box is checked to establish a secure connection to that port.
Username and Password. Their Zimbra account email address and password.
Import PST. Users browse to locate the .pst file to be imported.
Import Items. Users select which items in the .pst file to import, and select calendar options. The item options are as follows:
Import Items. Users select whether or not to import Mail, Contacts, Tasks, and Calendar Items.
Convert meetings. This converts meetings organized under the old user address to their new email address. Users must provide their old address in the field provided. Private appointments are imported by default and remain private after the migration process.
Import Options. Users set import options for which messages to import. The import options are as follows:
Folder options. Users select whether to import their Junk-Mail folder and Deleted Items folder
Progress Logs. Users select whether to ignore previously imported items. If they do not check this box, they will have duplicates of any previously imported items in their ZCS account.
Date Filter. Users select whether to import items received after a date that they provide. If users do not select to filter items by date, all items will be imported.
Import Message without Body enables messages that do not include the body of the message to be imported. If users configured their IMAP to download only the header and to ask before downloading the body, this option will import any emails that they have not downloaded the body to yet. If they do not check Import Message without Body, messages with only the header information are not imported.
Log messages on failure allows extra data to be created if the import fails. If a message is not imported and this option is enabled, the message that failed to be imported is logged on the client side. Users can inspect the message to determine if the message content was the cause of the failure.
By default, messages larger than 10 MB will not be imported. The message size includes the message and attachments. If the message is larger than 10 MB, a warning is logged to Import Wizard log file. If three consecutive errors are logged, the import will be halted.
Any errors or warnings in the import process are displayed on the Import Completed dialog. Users should review items that are listed on this page. If issues need to be investigated, users can click the Open Log File button on this dialog and search the log for details.
Important: If the user has checked Delete all log files on the completion page, the log file is no longer available when the ZCS Migration Wizard is closed.
If a .pst file is run through the Import Wizard more than once, users should check Ignore previously imported items on the Import Options dialog so that messages and contacts that have been imported are not imported again.