Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.0
Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.0
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Managing ZCS Configuration > Renaming a Domain

Renaming a Domain
When you rename a domain you are actually creating a new domain, moving all accounts to the new domain and deleting the old domain. All account, alias, distribution list, and resource addresses are changed to the new domain name. The LDAP is updated to reflect the changes.
How to Rename a Domain
Before you rename a domain
After the domain has been renamed
Update external references that you have set up for the old domain name to the new domain name. This may include automatically generated emails that were sent to the administrator’s mailbox such as backup session notifications
You rename the domain using the CLI utility zmprov. To rename a domain, type
zmprov -l rd [olddomain.com] [newdomain.com]
Domain Rename Process
When you run this zmprov command, the domain renaming process goes through the following steps:
The status of the old domain is changed to an internal status of shutdown, and mail status of the domain is changed to suspended. Users cannot login, their email is bounced by the MTA, and accounts, calendar resources and distribution lists cannot be created, deleted or modified.