Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.0
Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.0
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Zimbra MTA > Relay Host Settings

Relay Host Settings
Postfix can be configured to send all non-local mail to a different SMTP server. Such a destination SMTP server is commonly referred to as a relay or smart host. You can set this relay host from the administration console.
A common use case for a relay host is when an ISP requires that all your email be relayed through a designated host, or if you have some filtering SMTP proxy server.
In the administration console, the relay host setting must not be confused with Web mail MTA setting. Relay host is the MTA to which Postfix relays non-local email. Webmail MTA is used by the Zimbra server for composed messages and must be the location of the Postfix server in the Zimbra MTA package.
Important: Use caution when setting the relay host to prevent mail loops.