Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.0
Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.0
Administrator's Guide
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Monitoring Zimbra Servers > Monitoring Mail Queues

Monitoring Mail Queues
If you are having problems with mail delivery, you can view the mail queues from the administration console Monitoring Mail Queues page to see if you can fix the mail delivery problem. When you open mail queues, the content of the Deferred, Incoming, Active, Hold, and Corrupt queues at that point in time can be viewed. You can view the number of messages and where they are coming from and going to. For description of these queues, see Zimbra MTA Message Queues.
Mail Queue Page
For each queue, the Summary pane shows a summary of messages by receiver domain, origin IP, sender domain, receiver address, sender address, and for the Deferred queue, by error type. You can select any of the summaries to see detailed envelope information by message in the Messages pane.
The Messages pane displays individual message envelope information for search filters selected from the Summary pane.
The following Mailbox Queue functions can be performed for all the messages in a queue:
Hold, to move all messages in the queue being viewed to the Hold queue. Messages stay in this queue until the administrator moves them.
Release, to remove all message from the Hold queue. Messages are moved to the Deferred queue.
Requeue all messages in the queue being viewed. Requeuing messages can be used to send messages that were deferred because of a configuration problem that has been fixed. Messages are re-evaluated and earlier penalties are forgotten.
Delete all messages in the queue being viewed.
The Zimbra MTA, Postfix queue file IDs are reused. If you requeue or delete a message, note the message envelope information, not the queue ID. It is possible that when you refresh the mail queues, the queue ID could be used on a different message.