Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.0
Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.0
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Zimbra Directory Service > Kerberos5 Authentication Mechanism

Kerberos5 Authentication Mechanism
Kerberos5 Authentication Mechanism authenticates users against an external Kerberos server. To set up Kerberos5 auth set the domain attribute zimbraAuthMech to kerberos5. Then set the domain attribute zimbraAuthKerberos5Realm to the Kerberos5 realm in which users in this domain are created in the Kerberos database.
When users log in with an email password and the domain, zimbraAuthMech is set to kerberos5, the server constructs the Kerberos5 principal by {localpart-of-the-email}@{value-of-zimbraAuthKerberos5Realm} and uses that to authenticate to the kerberos5 server.
Kerberos5 can be supported for individual accounts. This is done by setting the account’s zimbraForeignPrincipal as kerberos5. Set the account's zimbraForeignPrincipal as kerberos5:{kerberos5-principal}. For example: kerberos5:user1@MYREALM.COM. If zimbraForeignPrincipal starts with kerberos5:, the server uses {kerberos5-principal} as the Kerberos5 principal instead of the algorithm of grabbing the realm from the zimbraAuthKerberos5Realm as mentioned in the previous paragraph.