Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.0
Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.0
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Account Quota and the MTA
Account quota is the storage limit allowed for an account. Email messages, address books, calendars, tasks, and Briefcase files contribute to the quota. Account quotas can be set by COS or per account.
The MTA attempts to deliver a message, and if a Zimbra user’s mailbox exceeds the set quota, the Zimbra mailbox server temporarily sends the message to the deferred queue to be delivered when the mailbox has space. The MTA server’s bounce queue lifetime is set for five days. The deferred queue tries to deliver a message until this bounce queue lifetime is reached before bouncing the message back to the sender. You can change the default through the CLI zmlocalconfig, bounce_queue_lifetime parameter.
To permanently have messages bounced back to the sender, instead of being sent to the deferred queue first, set the server global config attribute zimbraLmtpPermanentFailureWhenOverQuota to TRUE.
You can view individual account quotas from the Administration Console Monitoring Server Statistics section.